Bas-relief on monolithic Shiv temple of Ambarnath -constructed on 1060 AD

Bas-relief on monolithic Shiv temple of Ambarnath -constructed on 1060 AD

Who says one looses her/his appeal with age?………………..??
Here! Some 1000 year old (apprx.) beauties for you, to make your heart race! ;P


Some free thinking… Space please!

Wendy Doniger’s “The Hindus” withdrawn by Penguin publication India.Indeed It’s strange and awkward to ban a book.

Believed, the book is contrarian and insulting to our piety but lo let the readers decide!! If it insults our cult we can also express our feelings in return.  How can one ban a book where majority India has not read it? It surprises me. We are not small kids let us face the contradiction let us express ourselves against the contrarian, if he/she is so!!

Religion encumbers our free thoughts. Sometimes I wonder why majority of the world wants to remain trapped under respective religious beliefs. Actually it’s the same reason why we love our secured cosy home. We built them around us to comfort of our corporeal selves. But what about our cerebral needs? We look shelter there too. There where we develop our wattle refuge, as it scares us to be nomadic in recondite world of thoughts. 

We want to soothe our thoughts curbing their free movements, huddling in the cosy corner, fenced by do and don’t. A mere blow of disbelief or quest may destroy this barricade in a split but the insecurity, the disturbance in balance, jeopardised promise of heaven, reticent preferred. 

Everyone must have freedom to express their opinion if it insults a group of people let that group write back. Let us answer. But for that first we need to read and organise our thoughts, stream them in gorge to meet the bigger world. Ho and lo here is the difficulty!! Who wants to think it’s dangerous let’s “BAN IT”!! WE LIVE IN A STRANGE WORLD!